Cleaning the Camel

You can almost smell bad code and it’s not a nice thing to behold. It can be even worse when you have to get your hands dirty and fix the stuff. In this post I’m going to take a look...

Win Tickets to Devoxx UK 2016!

Capgemini UK is proud to announce another fantastic giveaway for the dev community… Tickets to Devoxx UK 2016 worth £474!

Controlling the state of your infrastructure

It is now a necessity to be able to rapidly and easily deploy and evolve a platform where your apps will be running. In order to do this you need to manage your own compute resources in a given cloud...

Building private Ethereum networks with Docker Compose

In my previous article about building a blockchain application, I shared some of the tools, tips and techniques I used to create an end-to-end blockchain web application. Let’s hone in on a specific part of that and explain in more...

The ramblings of an open source newbie

Some thoughts and opinions on a first foray as an open source contributor

We're Sponsoring Devoxx

The Capgemini UK JVM team is sponsoring Devoxx UK 2016.

Musings on estimation

Thinking about writing a blog post about estimating but not sure how long it will take.

Adventures in Blockchain

I’ve recently been engaged with the Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) where I’ve been experimenting and working with emerging technologies in conjunction with our business and our clients. As part of that we’ve been looking to leverage blockchain technology for...

SVG Icon Workflow for Jekyll with Gulp

The engineering blog is a great opportunity for us to make decisions without those pesky clients getting in the way. For one thing, the audience is other developers, which means that the browser profile of our visitors is very different...