Kubeform: Kubernetes clusters in any cloud

Today we are introducing Kubeform: A tool for provisioning production ready Kubernetes clusters to any cloud with security, scalability and maintainability in mind. We’ve had this project open-source for a little while but have been a tad slow to get...

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The Capgemini UK Platform Engineering team is sponsoring ContainerSched 2016.

Cleaning the Camel

You can almost smell bad code and it’s not a nice thing to behold. It can be even worse when you have to get your hands dirty and fix the stuff. In this post I’m going to take a look...

Win Tickets to Devoxx UK 2016!

Capgemini UK is proud to announce another fantastic giveaway for the dev community… Tickets to Devoxx UK 2016 worth £474!

Controlling the state of your infrastructure

It is now a necessity to be able to rapidly and easily deploy and evolve a platform where your apps will be running. In order to do this you need to manage your own compute resources in a given cloud...

Building private Ethereum networks with Docker Compose

In my previous article about building a blockchain application, I shared some of the tools, tips and techniques I used to create an end-to-end blockchain web application. Let’s hone in on a specific part of that and explain in more...

The ramblings of an open source newbie

Some thoughts and opinions on a first foray as an open source contributor

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