What’s the technology / architecture / way of working that will be big this year?

You’re not alone if you’re not sure. The Voxxed Days Bristol conference will highlight some of these big choices over the space of 18 talks, 3 Track Keynotes and with 300 developers in attendance from the region. Organised by High Tech Bristol and Bath (HBB), to share the Devoxx philosophy and community, Bristol is the first UK regional open source conference from Voxxed Days.

Bristol Watershed

By sponsoring Voxxed, Capgemini wants to demonstrate our commitment to our customers & staff in Bristol & the Southwest. At Voxxed we will be speaking, attending the talks and hosting a trade stand; all with our local engineers from Bristol, Cardiff and Gloucester. Please come and meet our team, we are keen to strengthen our involvement in the Southwest open source community, share our views on technology and tell you about our regional activity.

Why are we doing this? Capgemini has an open culture which believes in a diversity of processes, people and technology. We regularly contribute to Devoxx/Unvoxxed and other UK conferences, because we want to understand the best new technologies and meet the people developing and applying it.

Open source technology is a key part of the solutions delivered by Capgemini, we aim to use and re-use open source software when we can so that we can focus our efforts on implementing code that delivers value to our clients. While not exclusively, our selection of technology is often from the open source community, which is characterised by:

  • Rapidly evolving products
  • Quality matching, if not higher than licensed software
  • Support based subscriptions models
  • Standardised legal contractual obligations (Eg. GPL, Apache, BSD)

Capgemini has for 49 years maintained its independence, selecting the best technology for our customers’ needs. Under this approach we have developed many trusted relationships with leading developers and vendors in the open source community.

Capgemini engineers often prefer to use open source products because they offer:

  • Freedom to experiment without incurring costs
  • Information is widely and openly available on products
  • Longevity and stability (examples : Linux/Java/Apache)
  • Products can be branched or forked if necessary to create custom builds.
  • Typically an open democratic decision making process
  • A thriving market for third party services (support, training, consultancy)

In Capgemini we are all about empowering our people so that they can achieve their true potential. We specialise in many different technologies and are very passionate about the work we do and the businesses we represent. We work in a variety of sectors, with the world’s largest brands and on some of the most interesting and complex projects.

We work on solutions to revolutionise the way our customers do business. From continuously deployed distributed systems for household names, to core national infrastructure, to back ends for major fashion brands.

We want energetic, bold and passionate people to join our team. Your desire to grow and succeed in a range of technologies including, but not limited to, Docker, Spring, Play, Drupal, AngularJS and using architecture and delivery styles such as MicroServices and DevOps will be your key to success at Capgemini. But we are just scratching the surface of what is possible with us!

If you’re interested, just reach out and start the conversation.

Where to find us:

We are sponsoring Voxxed Days Bristol on the 25th of February 2016, where you can speak to us directly and hear from our very own Sarah Saunders.

Sarah Saunders presenting at Devoxx 2015

You can also catch us at Devoxx UK from the 8th to 10th of June 2016.

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