Customers, whether consumer, business, employee, partner, citizen or stakeholder, are demanding the same high grade user experience they experience from the likes of Facebook, Google and Netflix, in the applications and interactions they have with organisations every day.

In the last few years we have seen an explosion in the demand for bespoke-built, high-quality, interactive user interfaces. At Capgemini, we see this manifested as increased demand for frontend development skills, specifically modern JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue or Ember. Alongside this, the predilection for “JavaScript Everywhere” has resulted in us developing with React Native for cross-platform mobile apps, Node.js for server-side and lightweight APIs, and the Serverless framework for deploying Functions-as-a-Service among numerous others I won’t list here.

JavaScript, JavaScript Everywhere!

Additionally, we’re continually looking at ways to improve the quality, efficiency and reliability of our applications, through applying good development practices like Test Driven Development (TDD) or Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), build automation tools like Webpack and Gulp, as well as embracing best practices in accessibility and usability.

We’re hiring!

As a result of all this, our Frontend team in the UK is growing, and we need experienced Senior Frontend Developers to lead our development teams across a variety of clients and projects.

We’re actively hiring for this role, which you can read more about on our recruitment page for Senior Frontend Developers.

Why Capgemini?

We often don’t say enough about the fantastic things we do and how we do them, maybe over-delivering on our seven shared values - including Modesty, and also through respecting the wishes of our customers in what we share. We often say that Capgemini is probably the best company you probably never heard of. What do we think is so good, and what do we offer for people who join our teams?

Professional Development

  • We invest a lot into our staff development and careers progression. Internal and external training is available from a wide range of sources and looking at either technical or “soft” skills
  • We also attend many different conferences and talks throughout the year with many of our developers being speakers at these events
  • If there are specific technologies that you want to focus on there is the opportunity for you become a champion for them within the business


  • All our teams contribute to the the Capgemini community by sharing vast amounts of knowledge, best practice and code across our teams
  • We have team members with a broad range of experience who are always willing to help each other, you only need to ask the community and they’ll help to quickly find the right solution
  • We are big contributors to open source and we encourage our staff to contribute to the wider communities

Tools & Tech

  • We have access to some of the best technology and tools currently on the market
  • Through our partnerships and alliances relationships we have great access to marketing leading solutions as they are released
  • We are always looking for opportunities to improve the way in which we work, whether it’s a new tool, the latest technology or an emerging methodology
  • We work closely with our clients to help them understand new technologies, running workshops for them and creating proof of concepts to demonstrate how these technologies can be applied to solve business challenges


  • We believe that innovation is the future, this is why we encourage our teams to find new ways in which to solve our clients problems
  • We also have specialist areas within the business which are dedicated to innovation. When not on project you get the opportunity to work within these areas
  • We foster an environment in which new ideas can be proposed and used within our clients projects. We believe in creating the best solution for the clients, not just the one that everyone else can do

What will I do?

The Senior Frontend Developer role sits within our Software Engineering community and so you can get a good idea of what we’re looking for successful candidates to bring to the role by reading our Grade Ladder for Lead Software Engineers.

You can also read about our culture and How We Work right here on the Engineering blog.

A flavour of the kinds of projects our Frontend team have worked on this year include:

  • A web application to visualise fuel quality data at different ports around the world, to enable planning of shipping routes. (React, Google Maps APIs, Node.js, Azure, CosmosDB)
  • A mobile application for a large public sector department to act as a site concierge and notify hosts when guests arrive for meetings and provide facilities information (React Native, Google Firebase, iBeacons, Node.js)
  • A web application mapping restaurant purchasing trends for a large consumer goods provider to enable proactive sales and supply strategies (React, Carto.js)
  • A parcel tracking solution for a large delivery organisation (Angular)
  • Visualising data from oil and gas pipeline inspections, to enable analysis and prediction of potential pipe damage (React, D3.js, Node.js, AWS Lambda)
  • A showroom app for a large car manufacturer helping customers better match their desired specification to available stock to reduce waiting times for receiving a new model (React, WS02)

Ask the team

We asked our existing team two questions - why did you join Capgemini, and what have you gained since joining?

Why I joined Capgemini What I got from joining Capgemini

I want to know more!

If you want to know more, or want to have the opportunity to hear a bit of what it’s like working at Capgemini, feel free to contact me on Twitter or LinkedIn, or get in touch with us through our recruitment pages.