We’re Sponsoring Devoxx! (London 8-10 June)

Following on from our sponsorship of Voxxed Days Bristol 2016 and Women of Silicon Roundabout, we’re continuing to put our money where our mouth is and sponsoring yet another major UK tech conference. In the UK JVM team, we care about open source, so much so that we’re taking loads of our team to Devoxx UK; and it’s only one month away!

Devoxx UK is the London flavour of the largest Java Community conference series. It features world class speakers keynoting in such topics as cutting edge JVM development, cloud based systems, and which JavaScript framework might last until Devoxx 2017. This year Devoxx UK is on the 8th to 10th of June, hosted at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. Over the course of the three days, attendees can choose from five parallel conference sessions, the Hackergarten, open-table Birds of a Feather sessions and rapid lunchtime talks. Oh, and on the Friday there are in-depth Hands-On Labs.

On top of all this however, it’s perhaps the impromptu conversations which are the best part of these events. We’re hoping to have loads of them. The crowd at Devoxx is always incredibly diverse – diverse in background and diverse in opinion - and that is its strength. We know that software is built by people, for people, and by widening the circle of influences and influencers, everyone benefits.

Consequently we, the Capgemini JVM team will be running a trade stand, manned with some of our cheeriest 1x developers. We’ll be showing off some of our latest work (we’re always keen to share what we’ve been up to), answering questions such as “what’s it like to work for the largest SI no-one has ever heard of?” but also listening to you and what you have to share with us. Rumour has it we’ll even be giving out free pick and mix to anyone taking the time out to come visit! (Bring your own breadcrumbs if you want to find your way back to the talks.)

In addition to the stall, a number of our team members are also taking part as speakers. Gayathri Thiyagarajan and Andrew Harmel-Law will be presenting “Harnessing Domain Driven Design for Distributed Systems”. Kevin Rudland and Andrew (again) will be sharing their experiences on “Performance Testing Distributed Systems for the Masses – A Scientific Approach”. I think I’m beginning to spot a trend…

Personally, this is my first major UK conference. I’m really looking forward to catching some of the keynotes in person, rather than on Youtube. I’m also relishing the chance to catch up with friends and colleagues. In Capgemini, we work in distributed teams (mostly) throughout the UK, I’m looking forward to putting names to slack aliases, but also meeting loads of new people throughout the three days.

Don’t forget we’re hiring (see the ad below this post). Here are just a few of the perks:

  • Surrounded by a growing set of talented and inspiring individuals.
  • Flexible working time and environment.
  • Two weeks of training and conference attendance a year. We love sending people to SkillsMatter’s CodeNode in London.
  • The best tools - we let developers choose Windows, OSX (and in the future Ubuntu – we’re working hard on it) for their corporate machine. We provide tricked out Macbook Pros to our developers if you want one. We also provide IntelliJ IDEA licences for everyone who’s broken away from Eclipse.