How to (maybe) replace your HR department in 3 easy steps

Spinning up a Chatbot against a Knowledge Base in Azure

Keeping Spring Boot Apps Secure With HashiCorp Vault

Demonstrating securing a Spring Boot application with HashiCorp Vault

Navigating Kubernetes Deployments With Helmsman

Simplify Kubernetes deployments by describing your cluster state with Helmsman

Preparing for Devoxx How the Cloud Development team gets inspired by preparing to host a conference stall

It’s a big deal preparing for sponsorship of a conference. Each year, the Cloud Development team at Capgemini are proud to sponsor Devoxx UK, the leading developer conference in Britain. What does this involve? A lot more creativity than you...

Modern Frontends live a summary of ‘uncut gems’

Take aways worth knowing for frontend developers

Consumer Driven Contract Testing with Pact, Kafka and Spring Boot A brief overview and example of contract testing

Why consumer driven contract testing is a useful testing strategy and an example of how to implement it with Kafka, Spring Boot and Pact

Platforms to support Product Oriented Teams How to create a truly usable accelerator to allow dev teams to focus on business needs

For a dev team to be fully product-oriented with sprints delivering only business value, there must be a supporting platform to manage more technical requirements. What would this platform look like?

Reference panel in Dynamics 365

Explains about reference panel, its usage and its implementation.

Contributing to the DCX React Library What is the DCX React Library and how can you contribute?

DCX (Digital Customer Experience) React component library, and how you can make a contribution to our first style-agnostic React component library.

The Efficient Cloud Era The latest developments in Java and Cloud Hosting are allowing tech teams to make an impact on sustainability

The main theme at Devoxx UK this year was all about getting Java to be fast and lean in the cloud. From improving startup time to allow serverless Java apps, to enabling scale-to-zero, to ensuring your application is running efficiently,...